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St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre

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A retreat is a gift to yourself – a way to step aside from everyday concerns to relax and care for your soul; to nurture yourself and your relationship with God. A retreat is a time of silence and solitude so lacking and yet so needed in world and our lives.

Book our Facilities for your own personal or group retreat:
Our facility is perfect environment of solitude and stillness, enabling you to hear the still, small voice of God. Various types of retreats can be held at St. Benedict’s including:

Personal Self-Directed Retreats: You may need a day , a weekend or several days to rest and renew. If you are on a personal retreat you will find music and books, the chapel, the seasonal labyrinth or the art room conducive to deepening your personal journey. Our retreat guests are always welcome to join the sisters in the monastery chapel for morning and evening prayer and eucharist when it is offered.

Directed Retreats: In addition to sabbath rest, praying throughout the day, journaling, exercising, doing whatever re-creates. , you have the opportunity to meet daily with a spiritual director/companion to share and notice what is happening in your time of prayer. The director offers suggestions for prayer, often scriptural material or sacred poetry.

Group Directed Retreat: St. Benedict’s schedules a winter directed retreat and a summer directed retreat. Besides meeting with a spiritual director, retreatants receive the support of one another in prayer and silence. (See our General Program Brochure for dates.)

Comments from previous retreat guests:

“A place in time where we can touch eternity” Tabitha and Paul Langel

  •  For the peace, space and love which surrounded me here. No matter where I go or God leads me, it’s good to have a home for my heart.
  • For your ability to listen and offer pearls of wisdom, thank you; for smiling and considering my comfort, thank you. For those unknown who picked flowers for the dining room or gently closed the door, I weep tears of gratitude.
  • It is wonderful to not have to make meals and look after a family; I could look after myself with all the quiet, gentle support I felt here. I loved praying with the sisters. The grounds are beautiful; it was healing to have access to the library and the music. You emulate St. Benedict’s spirit with love for everyone. You shall see me again.
  • I felt welcomed from the first time I phoned for information. Thank you for the paths, thank you to the baker, thank you for the books and for the art room. You have provided an atmosphere that is supportive of our contemplative work.

Cost of Retreats:

  • $20/room/day plus meal(s) taken.
  • Private room with ensuite washroom $80 per night (including 3 meals). Discount after third day stay.
  • Dorm style rooms $70 per night including 3 meals; fourth consecutive night and following $5 discount/night; Bed & breakfast only, $60; Fasting $55 top floor; $50 dorm style.

Additional Services:

To book your retreat or for more information on our services, contact us!