St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre

St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre

STAR- Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience

Starts: November 24 @ 7:00pm
Ends: November 25 @ 4:00pm

Explore the prevalence of trauma and how it affects our bodies, brains and souls. STAR is a research-supported approach to addressing trauma and building resilience for individuals and organizations. See STAR is an educational event (not therapy) with an experiential component. The exercises with illustrate ways of working within your own life and/or the life of your community.
Private room $125 Shared $115 commuter $80

Joann Hiebert Bergen has worked for an NGO internationally for 18 years, focusing on grassroots community building.

Jan McIntyre is a Manitoba farmer working for justice, community building and peace.